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MATRAPAC is a member of the Ukrainian Paints and Coating Association

MATRAPAC is a member of the Ukrainian Chemists Union

MATRAPAC is a member of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs 

MATRAPAC is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

MATRAPAC is an active member of the European Confederation of paint's producers

Solvents Matrapac - the first solvents in Ukraine were registered REACH

Organization of environmentally protected production in accordance with ISO

International Group „Matrapac GmbH“ is known for more than 10 years in Europe, CIS, Asia and Africa, as a manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and petrochemicals.

In Ukraine, "Matrapac GmbH" is presented by "Matrapac Ukraine", which since 2008 on a few affiliated chemical productions has been producing a wide range of complex organic solvents, as well as other unique items of chemical products in demand in the domestic and foreign markets.

At present, the production capacity of the company "Matrapac GmbH" in Ukraine allow to produce more than 30 000 tonnes of finished products per year to consumers in the range of different industries.

"Matrapac-Ukraine" company is a new, up and coming and very promising player on the European market of solvents for paints and lacquers and solvents for household needs. The Products of "Matrapac-Ukraine" company are high quality, environmentally friendly and affordable. "Matrapac-Ukraine" is known as a stable and reliable participant among manufacturers of paints and varnishes and rated as a stable partner of the largest consumers of paint products in Ukraine.

We were able to achieve these results, due to the following: "Matrapac-Ukraine" company has partial share in major oil companies in Ukraine, which allows us to convert our own high-quality low-sulfur raw hydrocarbon extracted in Ukraine!

Our company has a high-tech rectification production in Ukraine, which allows to produce a products according to individual specifications of our major clients produсers of paints and varnishes. 

Geo-economic location of Ukraine allows to provide an excellent and cost-effective logistics for supply of our products.
In addition, due to objective economic situation in Ukraine today, our products have colossal economic potential in terms of price and quality.

Products under the Matrapac brand name are available for shipment by rail and road, in bulks as well as individually packaged.

Our Packaging for retail distribution are made of high quality materials, different in volume and size and specially designed for the customers. The range of our products is constantly expanding.

We appreciate every single client, offering the best price striving for the perfect balance of cost effectiveness, immaculate quality and environmental friendliness.

Events taking place in Ukraine recently caused significant changes in trade and economical map of Europe. Due to this we gained the opportunity for both financial growth and development. Therefore, we are optimistic and confident about the future.

The top-managers of Matrapac company have been making every effort to be your reliable and profitable partner for a long time.

We appreciate every customer, thank you for choosing our company!

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