The mission of "MATRAPAC Company» - is providing consumers with high-quality products chemical and petrochemical industries in the the optimal combination of price and environmentally friendly production.

Policy of Quality is an integral part of the overall strategy of the "MATRAPAC Company" and is aimed to reach full satisfaction the most demanding consumers.

  • We are ready to cooperate with all of our customers and produce products based on their individual quality requirements, parameters and delivery conditions. Capacity of our equipment and professionalism of our team allow to choose the best process for maximum quality of desired product.
  • Ukrainian residency of the production enables our consumers expect a profitable logistics
  • We are very scrupulous in compliance with existing tax legislation
  • We are very careful and attentive to Nature and Environmental Conservation environment, so the company is continuously technology improves and modernizing equipment in order to minimize the impact of our production on the environment.
  • Compliance with the highest standards quality, compliance with the European requirements, as well as increasing the geography of our export sales products in the EU, CIS, Asia and Africa is a priority in Matrapac development strategy.

Product quality - the result of the efforts of our friendly team.


Despite the complexity of doing business in today's reality, "MATRAPAC" company look to the future with optimism and energy, we make plans of development and innovation in the field of technology equipment production.

  • A significant breakthrough towards the urgent needs of the market and of consumers we made desission to put in operation a new section of deep-dearomatization. It will allow to offer to our customers qualitatively new product line with reduced aromatic content and this idea is corresponding to modern requirements for product quality and follow Regulations and requirements of European Union (REACH). For today in Ukraine, this product represented, unfortunately, exclusively due to import.
  • Our nowadays work is aimed towards improving technical side of the production process. We are working towards the development of production directly in Ukraine and to do special extraction of gasoline based on dearomatic pentane and hexanoic fractions , which currently for all 100% imported by all Ukrainian Oil Extraction Plants.
  • As the company plans is to begin mass production of already developed and transmitted successfuly tested - a new product for the needs of the oil industry in Ukraine, namely inhibitor of corrosion, paraffin and hydrate "Matrakorr-90", designed to protect metal from Corrosion in pipeline systems collection and transportation oil and gas condensate recovery sewage systems and maintain reservoir pressure.
  • In addition, it is planned to further expansion of the production line finished Matrapac products different types of hydrophobic water-repellent liquids and impregnation by brand Matrafob® based on organic solvents which are used in building to protect from moisture all parts of the building from the roof to the foundation, ceramics and sand-lime brick, concrete, asbestos cement slate, cinder block and aerated concrete, gypsum and drywall materials, and also in oil production as a modifier clay drilling fluids oil and gas industry.
  • The history of « Matrapac » brend developnment has began in 2004. It was a successful business startup of import and sale of solvents and related products of leading European brands. The project has been very successful.


    As a result of successful sales strategy and capture petrochemical products market, it was decided to begin construction of its own petrochemical processing complex in order to minimize the cost of solvents and reduce logistics costs during the transition from import schemes on their own local production.

  • The project construction of the plane was complited on time. Mass production of primary processed hydrocarbons was started. Becoming market and promotion of TM « MATRAPAC» . The strategy of development of the firm was determined: development of hydrocarbons production for needs of national paints and varnishes producers and prouction of complex organic solvents for wide range of consumers.CREATION OF LLC « PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY « MATRAPAC UKRAINE»
  • For a more convenient, modern and centralized management process of plan and sales was made a decition at the meeting of directors of financial-industrial group « MATRAPAC» to assign on the territory of Ukraine management company LLC « PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY « MATRAPAC UKRAINE».


    The long-term project of plant modification in order to increase the efficiency of production processes and the depth of refining crude oil was completed. Production of complex organic solvents and their realization in bulk was launched.


    FIG « Matrapac », guided by the growing demand of the retail market and huge accumulated experience in the distribution of imported solvents, has launched several new kinds of complex organic solvents and created a line of packaged products in a special chemically resistant in PEC and metal containers (1, 5, 50 and 200 liters).


    Successful expansion in Ukrainian market and active sales of packaged products through a network of authorized distribution companies and specialty stores, participation in public tenders. Recognition TM « Matrapac » on the shelves of b2c shops and in the field b2b customers.


    Delivery of Matrapac packaged products under export contracts in the countries of European Union has been started in 2014.

    Thus, the « Matrapac Ukraine » company came a long way from the sales to its own production in Ukraine and acquired extensive experience in the local distribution and in exports to the EU zone.

    Timely steps in management, production optimization and other courageous decisions in the field business and human resources management allows company to offer consumers wide range of products at an affordable price with uncompromising quality. It indicates our activity in direction of certification according to the regulations of the European Union (REACH) on some items of our products supplied to the EU. Several of them have already passed the initial approval with positive results.

  • In 2015, Matrapac group has been one of the few companies in Ukraine, with a full vertically integrated production cycle, which includes the company's participation in a project of the extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials for own needs. TÜV SÜD - the Only Representative of MATRAPAС in the European Union, development of a dealer network in Europe, participation in international exhibitions

    Our products have passed the registration according to the REACH Regulation. The Only Representative of «MATRAPAC-UKRAINE» in the European Union has become a German company with 150 years of history- famous expert organizationTÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH. It’s very important fact for our company.

    We have been developing the dealer network. Due to the consistently high product’s quality and competitive prices, we managed to expand the geography of supply of our products to the EU countries - Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia as well as Germany.

    April 21-23, 2015 in Nuremberg (Germany), Matrapac company participated as an exhibitor at European Coatings Show 2015. The products of our company aroused great interest of manufacturers of paints and varnishes worldwide, as well as distributors all over the world.

    DEVELOPMENT OF NEW PRODUCTS: SOLVENT with the increased content of aromatics and water repellents "MATRAFOB-90"

    Especially at the request of the Ukrainian producers of paints, we started production of a new solvent fraction with an increased content of aromatic hydrocarbons (about 40%). The distinguishing feature of this product can be considered a higher solubility and optimum volatility.

    Matrapac presented the new product - water-repellent agent "MATRAFOB®-90". It’s a complex mixture of silicones in organic solvent and is irreplaceable for construction of buildings, which has higher requirements for water resistance and durability.

    Matrapac - the official representative of Plan Process Equipment in Ukraine, PURCHASE OF PLANT of corrosion inhibitor

    One of the main news of the outgoing 2015 for our company was that Matrapac has become the official representative of American Plant Process Equipment, Ink. in Ukraine - which offers comprehensive services in the design and development of equipment for the processing and production of gas and oil. As a result of this cooperation, a pilot project was launched - the Matrapac company had purchased and began the process of delivery to Ukraine the plant of production of corrosion inhibitor for the needs of the petrochemical industry

  • 2016 Matrapac - official partner of the VI International Conference LAKOKRASKA.UA 2016

    LAKOKRASKA.UA – is an effective annual conference designed to meet representatives of the business elite, who are involved in the production, sale and use paints and varnishes.

Matrapac company provids financial and organizational support of programs of "Soratnik" Charity Fund. The most of activities are aimed at spiritual revival of the nation.

"Soratnik" Charity Fund   has different spiritual educational activities, aimed at reviving spirituality, morality, reasonable public altruism of people.

For more information about charitable organization "Charity Fund "Soratnik", please visit the website of the Foundation website of the Foundation

Programs of this Fund are aimed at the development of moral character of personality and active participation in socially significant social events. The main purpose of the fund – is a spiritual awakening of human being.

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