Oil and gas industry
Corrosion and paraffin inhibitors of Matracorr® are effective new products for the oil and gas industry

The process of oil production, in addition to its main task, constantly faces the solution of a number of related issues. Today the actual problem is to protect oil-field equipment from corrosion and paraffin sedimentation and also hydrate build-up prevention.

These sedimentations are accumulated on the internal surfaces of piping systems and pumps, that causes metal corrosion and greatly impedes the oil transportation and production. Matracorr® - special corrosion, paraffin and hydrate inhibitors will help to solve this problem.

Corrosion inhibitor universal “Matracorr-90” (TU U 20.5-32049885-004: 2015) - the chemical oil soluble composition of complex action is designed to:

  • protect the metal from corrosion and hydrate build-up in pipelines of systems of collecting and transporting of water-cut oil and gas condensate;
  • wastewater disposal and reservoir pressure maintenance systems utilization.

“Matracorr-90” is a special composition based on surfactants in alcoholic solvents and their derivatives. The product has a high detergent, dispersant and demulsifying properties and reduces corrosion processes in the oil-producing equipment.

The use of “Matracorr-90” allows operating the pipeline and oil-field equipment as efficiently as possible, without the necessity of early expensive repairs